Our senior level sculpture class collaborated with the University of Saskatchewan Sustainability department to present a show with found and discarded materials from the U of S campus, transforming waste into readymades.

class-projectLocated in the North lobby in Place Riel our class collaborated on this piece as a group.


Nest 2016

Nest, Stephanie Turtle, 2016


In my sculpture, Nest, I used a found parrot cage, tipped over and stuffed with synthetic materials that spill out, to signify the unnatural way we claim ownership over other species by locking them in cages and domesticating something that was once wild. Our methods and technologies are wildly out of balance and our need to dominate and control nature has a resulting negative impact. The nest is a bird’s traditional home which has been disrupted and infringed upon by our destruction of the environment.



Nest, Stephanie Turtle, 2016 – Photo by William Lee