A Journey Through Demarcation
BFA Exhibition – Stephanie Turtle
March 20 – 24, 2017 

“A classical definition of line is as the recorded movement of a dot on its journey from one place to another.  This sense of linear movement implies a direction or a sequence of directions.  It accordingly implies a sense of time – in other words, line most often has a beginning and an end, and to experience it takes time”.*

A Journey Through Demarcation is an exploration of line to capture a moment in time, revealing the shadows and reflections which exit under the surface from the everyday experience.  My sculptures involved drawing with line, and using light and shadow, geometric and organic form and reflection, to design immersive environments.  This dystopic architectural landscape is intended to dislocate the viewer’s perception of reality, create a heightened sensorial experience and to reveal the poetic beauty of decline, and loss of function.

In Underneath the Surface I am utilizing the natural process of oxidization to document the splendour of what is hidden underneath the surface, what is hidden and what goes unseen/unnoticed in everyday life.  In revealing the underbelly of a discarded cast iron manhole cover my intention is to draw attention to its slow rusting decline, to capture its subtle destruction, and to capture the beauty of a moment in time that otherwise might be lost.  
* From Expressive Drawing: A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within by Steven Almone

Manhole Cover_found object - STurtle_2016
Manhole Cover, Stephanie Turtle, 2016 (found object)


A Journey Through Demarcation_gallery map-STurlte_2017
Gordon Snelgrove Gallery Map, 2017



Miscommunication Tower (up-close)- Stephanie Turtle_March 2017
Miscommunication Tower (close-up), Stephanie Turtle, 2017
Miscommunication Tower_shadow - Stephanie Turtle_March 2017
Miscommunication Tower, Stephanie Turtle, 2017
Miscommunication Tower_full view - Stephanie Turtle_March 2017
Miscommunication Tower (full view), Stephanie Turtle, 2017


Nucleus - STurtle_2017
Nucleus, Stephanie Turtle, 2017
Underneath the Surface - STurtle_2017
Underneath the Surface, Stephanie Turtle, 2017
Abandoned Carapace - STurtle_2017
Abandoned Carapace, Stephanie Turtle, 2017
Communication Tower - STurtle_2016
Communication Tower, Stephanie Turtle, 2016
Communication Tower_side-STurtle_2016
Communication Tower (side view), Stephanie Turtle, 2016
Residual Landscape (collaboration with William Lee) - Stephanie Turtle_February 2017
Residual Landscape (Collaboration with William Lee), Stephanie Turtle, 2017