Artist Bio

Stephanie Turtle was born in Halifax, NS and currently resides in Saskatoon, SK.  Stephanie has recently received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Studio Art at the University of Saskatchewan with a focus in sculpture, drawing and extended media.  Predominately working with drawing mediums and welding, she is starting to incorporate elements of of light, sound and video.  Through using a process based approach, she allows the materials to guide and determine the direction of her work.


Artist Statement
In my artwork, I am interested in showing the relationships that exist between the material reality of the natural world in contrast with technological advancement. I do this through utilizing repetition and combining geometric and organic forms.  My sculptures involve drawing with line and using light and shadow to design immersive environments which are meant to dislocate the viewer’s perception of reality and create a heightened sensorial experience.  My drawing practice is influenced by the graffiti artists, Surrealists and Abstract Expressionists and how art can be used to to express the subconscious through the process of automatic drawing.  It is by incorporating these mediums together that I strive to reveal the political and social systems which are responsible for creating an imbalance within the natural environment, the government and society.


I would like to acknowledge the support from Saskatchewan Arts Board!!!  Thank you for making my work possible!